“ – Is your company profitable or very profitable?

  – Nowadays despite the crisis the revenue reaches 5 billion dollars yearly”.

Now wait a minute, have we missed astarios growing that rapidly? Not yet, as this is just an intro edit from the new video by Andrey Burenok. 

Burenok, who is a popular Ukrainian business blogger, interviewed astarios` Founder & CEO Andreas Lepenets. Taking into consideration how heterogeneous Burenok`s audience is he is recognized by his manner to talk simply on complicated topics.

Andreas did an awesome job by following this manner and stating clearly what astarios is all about – transparency and partnership with both its clients and employees.

If you know Russian or if you`re ready to rely on YouTube`s auto subtitles, we recommend to have a look at an hour talk about IT outsourcing in Ukraine, astarios` history, and the way we’re bringing value to our partners.