Hallo Welt!

Hallo Welt! GmbH develops BlueSpice, an enterprise-level wiki based on MediaWiki.

We work as an extended team and our people involved in a process of development of BlueSpice extensions, reduce technical debt and fix bugs in the existing code.

By adding extra resources to the client’s project, they are now more flexible and can deliver faster.

The goal of Hallo Welt!’s producers is to optimize the Wikipedia software MediaWiki for organizations and companies. At the same time, the experience of the web and the Wikipedia communities is incorporated in companies. In return, the developments coming from the business world are provided for the free knowledge community.


BlueSpice Product

BlueSpice wiki is based on MediaWiki, the software that also runs the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Just like Wikipedia, BlueSpice empowers people to share and find information quickly and efficiently. In addition to the typical and robust collaboration features of MediaWiki, BlueSpice includes important quality management and maintenance tools that enable large and small companies and organizations to use the wiki for a variety of important business functions. As a flexible knowledge base and documentation platform, BlueSpice wiki supports efforts to collaboratively grow and distribute information


As a result of this, over many customer projects, BlueSpice has developed into a solution which puts particular emphasis on company knowledge: finding relevant information, collecting knowledge centrally, giving it context and structure, and securing its quality.

– ExtJS
– PHP 7+
– Elasticsearch
– Parsoid
– Git, Gerrit