DevOps and Cloud Engineering Services
Cloud DevOps improves product quality and minimizes its vulnerability through continuous testing. While cloud development is what enables you to boost agility and speed up growth. Cloud-based solutions drastically reduce the cost, since you don’t need to invest in hardware and data centers. astarios can scale your product capacity, automate its deployment and testing. Take advantage of the custom cloud solutions we build to monitor and resolve infrastructure development failures with ease.
Our DevOps Services and Cloud Expertise:
  • Migrating and refactoring legacy apps
  • Scaling infrastructure using cloud capabilities
  • Scaling infrastructure using cloud capabilities
  • Continuously delivering and integrating solutions
  • Developing Hybrid cloud apps and security
Cloud Development Services and DevOps
Cloud-Based DevOps
With cloud DevOps, you can significantly reduce time-to-market because development and operations work in synergy – cloud manages the infrastructure, while DevOps takes care of the logic. This allows for frequent releases and real-time testing and monitoring. On top of automation, cloud DevOps helps plan capacity upfront based on demand.
Cloud-Native Development
Cloud-native development accelerates software development and enables you to build highly manageable, observable, and scalable apps. Our cloud engineers can reinvent gigantic applications by preserving the business logic and its seamless transition to the microservices architecture. This guarantees high app availability and disaster recovery.
Cloud Security
App and data security is one of the biggest concerns for many companies. Cloud providers suggest a wide range of protection. However, not all of these safety measures are tailored to business’s specific needs. astarios specializes in providing security solutions for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These solutions help effectively prevent risk occurrence and produce in-depth reporting on your security strategies.
Why Partner Up with astarios
astarios puts communication over processes. Thanks to short feedback cycles, you can rely on our DevOps experts for a quick response to all emerging business needs.
  • Faster cycle times to boost software delivery
  • Malfunction prevention from the early stages
  • Enhanced team productivity and throughput
  • Steady and secure software operation
Technologies We Use
  • Amazon Web Services / Google Cloud Platform / Microsoft Azure / Docker / kubernetes
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