Suter AG is a Swiss pioneer in the field of building drying. As an ecological alternative, we offer heating modules that are operated with wood pellets. By using pressed sawdust as fuel, these devices – in contrast to oil burners – CO2-neutral and without pollutants. With the ecological alternative to the usual oil heating systems, the company has its finger on the pulse of the times: More and more clients are focusing on sustainability. In addition to the low energy consumption of the building during operation, this also includes environmentally friendly materials and construction methods. The use of wood pellets for building heating is a good way to positively influence the overall life cycle assessment of a building during the construction phase.

astarios has developed an operating tool for Suter AG, which covers all operational aspects, from the offer to the billing of services. Using M2M technology, both the silos and the connected heaters are integrated and continuously monitored and, more recently, controlled by the Web UI.

CTO as a Service, Managed Team
Fullstack Javascript (MEAN), MongoDB, OpenVPN, Ubuntu