Secure SDLC Training

Secure SDLC Training

Like any other Secure SDLC component, Secure SDLC training can be and is usually combined with other Application Security services. This description is intended to help you better define how you intend to improve your development live cycle.

To deliver this service, we perform interviews, consultations and analysis in order to get:

  1. Managers and team leads – on how to organize Secure SDCL process, procedures and artifacts, how to plan, manage and report about security activities, and how to communicate on security effectively.
  2. Software architects and analysts – on how to derive security requirements from any business requirements and formulate them correctly, how to develop security architecture and secure design based on security requirements, and how to define security controls for software solutions.
  3. Software developers  – on how to interpret and implement security requirements, what are secure development best practices in general, what are secure practices for specific platforms, and how to avoid programming mistakes leading to security vulnerabilities.
  4. Software testers – on how to plan and perform security testing including identification and validation of basic security bugs in applications, and how to ensure the implementation of security requirements.

Below you will find examples of our special education programs:

  • IT and InfoSec management
  • Secure Software Development Basics and OWASP
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle for PHP developers
  • JavaScript and Frontend Web security
  • Secure Agile Software Development for JavaScript, ASP.NET and .NET/C#Technology Stack
  • Secure Software Development Training for Android and iOS
  • Technology Stack
  • Other web application security technologies
  • Malware analysis
  • Penetration testing

With pleasure we can develop an individual training program for you as well!