Software Security Testing

Prevent software vulnerabilities long before the release date

Detecting security bugs and flaws saves you a fortune. Both client and server side application must be resistant to the data leakage to prevent you from the monetary loss and reputation damage. The astarios dedicated team puts double effort to mitigate these risks since the early stages of the software development life cycle. The software security testing we provide blends static code analysis and functionality testing. Everything starts with an in-depth security auditing and the root cause analysis. We can also provide developer training to stop vulnerabilities from reemerging.

Our Software Security Testing Services

astarios manages all the recruitment processes, prescreens applicants in line with your business requirements, and runs several rounds of interviews to let the right people get on board. Extend your software engineering team without any hassle. Just pick up the offshore development team model that better fits your needs.

Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Our quality assurance engineers model real-world threats to detect system flaws and develop a detailed remediation plan. astarios performs both manual and automated software testing and helps validate fixes. First off, we define test objectives and scope. Next, we proceed with collecting the data about the app infrastructure, simulate attacks, create a report, outlining a to-do plan for the software development team.

Software Security Code Review

Security code reviews concentrate on finding code flaws that weren’t detected by other testing methods. They serve to reduce the resources that might be required for fixing code bugs after the release date arrives. Moreover, these reviews are essential to prevent revenue losses. They help detect code flaws in authorisation, data and session management, data validation, encryption, and more.

Security Assessment of the Embedded Software

IoT or machine-to-machine security testing has long been one of the major challenges for businesses. A big amount of interconnected devices require a safe internet infrastructure. We are experienced in analyzing its critical components including operating system, communication protocols, network and back-end services, etc. As an outcome, you will receive a detailed description of the vulnerabilities, affected functionality, strategic and  technology-specific recommendations.

Software Security Assurance Consulting

The astarios expert team delivers a full range of the software security testing services. You can request an ongoing support for your product or apply for a one-time comprehensive security audit and advice. We can assist you with the evaluation of the current software security processes, define inconsistencies or gaps, and implement a well-balanced software quality assurance program.

Software Quality Assurance Challenges We Solve

Unknown devices in your network
Corrupting user account privileges
Missing out on building an effective defense
Incomplete software security testing teams

The Client and Offshore Development Support You Get

PostmanWireshark / SQLMap / GrabberKali Linuxappium / selenoid

Why Partner Up with Us

Software quality assurance services that comply with industry standards
Faster QA team extension – improved software security control
In-depth code reviews and network security analysis