Application Security Services (Secure DevOps)

Application Security Testing

Saving Your Revenue and Reputation

Your cloud or on-premise applications can serve as gateways to the company and users’ most confidential data. the astarios team helps you initiate an application security program from day one and up to the final date of the app release. Security testing will be integrated into your software development lifecycle to quickly spot and prevent the app vulnerabilities as well as accelerate release cycles.

Our Application Security Expertise:

Secure DevOps
Web and mobile application security testing
Application penetration testing
Dynamic and static application security testing

Application Security Services

Building Secure Applications from the Ground Up

From the early stages of the application development, we implement secure DevOps along with secure tools and risk evaluation practices. Additionally, we can deliver remediation services to successfully eliminate data breach risks for your existing applications.

Review of Application Code Vulnerabilities

By running penetration testing, we can spot sensitive app code and prevent its vulnerabilities. Our team defines security flaws including logical errors, cryptographic mistakes, management flaws, and wrong assumptions. As an outcome, we suggest a bunch of fixes and strategic steps to enhance the code.

Data Security and Protection

We identify data flows and classify them to further assist you with developing the correct data processing. This way, we help you prevent the external and internal data threats. You can count on astarios for implementing an application security program and improving cloud-native security controls.

Security Threat Modeling

This is another precaution taken to analyze possible risks and timely mitigate them. Security threat modeling may be applied to the big range of applications, including networks, software, and IoT solutions. This structured method comprises identifying assets, reorganizing an application, detecting threats, documenting them, and assessing the risks on a lifetime basis.

Dynamic and Static Application Security Testing

Static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) app testing, or white and black-hat testing, is absolutely essential. SAST analyzes what’s under the app hood: code, errors, issues, etc., whereas DAST monitors an outward operation of the application, its interface vulnerabilities. Working in parallel, these two classes of testing discover sources code issues and late-stage app development malfunction.

Application Security and DevOps Technologies

Git / Bitbucket / GitHub / Maven / Grunt / Puppet / Chef  / Terraform / Jenkins / Travis CI / TeamCity / SnykNetsparker / Selenium / Docker / Kubernetes