Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Teams That Increase Your Skillset Power

Whether you require just a few QA engineers to fill in the manpower gap or a dedicated team that can deliver fullcycle software development services, astarios can handle it for you. By scaling up your tech talent, you receive the on-time assistance and reduce time to market. Rely on us for running a fully-functional R&D center that can smoothly integrate into your business processes.

When You Need the Offshore Development Team

Being limited in time to find the right talent
The in-house software engineers are too overloaded with tasks
Your local engineering talent is expensive and you have a fixed project budget
There’s an urgency to scale up fast without compromising the quality
The specialists with a narrow technology expertise are missing

The Offshore Development Team Models

astarios manages all the recruitment processes, prescreens applicants in line with your business requirements, and runs several rounds of interviews to let the right people get on board. Extend your software engineering team without any hassle. Just pick up the offshore development team model that better fits your needs.

Managed Team

We collect all the high-level requirements from you and take on a full responsibility for setting up a development team and managing it, from project planning to quality assurance, deployment, and DevOps. astarios also manages all the HR processes, including an ongoing review of the developers’ job satisfaction and performance.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team becomes an integral part of your company and your management approach. It usually consists of a dedicated client manager, HR, front-end and back-end developers, QA engineers, DevOps specialists, UI/UX designers, and a project manager. The dedicated team is fully concentrated on your project, while you manage the workflow and have a chance to focus on the high-level tasks.

Why Choose Our Dedicated Development Team

Custom recruitment to pick up the right people with the right skillset
Hiring full-time team players to ensure great commitment to your product
High security standards of the software development
Predictable and reasonable costs for engineering services and management
Flexible approach: You can choose to scale up whenever it is required

The Client and Offshore Development Support You Get

Talent pool expansion

Extending an in-house team capacity fast by hiring the offshore development team with a different domain expertise.

Transparent management

You are always updated on the current status of hiring and project delivery thanks to daily interaction and regular reporting.

Excellent infrastructure

We provide fully equipped offices to collaborate on projects in a convenient and effective way.

Delivery control and management

We measure team performance on the regular basis, monitor a product quality delivery, and ensure high software security levels.

Consulting services

At astarios, we render on-demand consulting services on secure offshore software development, IoT solutions, QA engineering, and more.