Ukraine has become a real buzz in IT industry, first of all, as one of the main destinations for software development outsourcing. Many globally recognized businesses choose Ukrainian engineers because of variety of motives and lower prices aren’t the driving impulse anymore.

In this article we will reveal the reasons why Ukraine is steadily and continuously increasing its influence as international software development vendor.

High tech skills in large amount

Ukraine has the largest number of IT professionals in Central and Eastern Europe. According to Colliers international, Ukraine is 4th in the world by the number of IT specialists and houses more than 1,000 software development companies of different size.

Currently the number of software developers in the country comes to 130 000 and continues to increase by 20% yearly.

Ukrainian universities give very strong technical and mathematical basis to the students. Every year about 20 000 of tech graduates join the industry to bring new IT solution for companies all over the world.

The most widely used programming languages by ukrainian developers are Java (23%), JavaScript (16%), C# (15%), PHP (14%), and Python (8%). Moreover, the country is the world’s leader by the number of Unity3D developers and experts in C++. Other scarce programming languages specialists, such as Hybris, Erlang, Go, Scala, and others can be found in Ukraine, too.

Besides that, about 45% of Ukrainian engineers speak English fluently, and almost 40% have an intermediate level of English. Companies pay a lot of attention to the language learning and have optional or obligatory English courses in house.

Loyal laws towards foreign customers

One of the biggest advantages to outsource to Ukraine is that country’s government has simplified the process of business cooperation between foreign and native IT companies. Both parties of the process feel protected and encouraged to develop fruitful cooperation.

The most attracting thing is that all foreign companies that delegate software development to Ukrainian company don’t need to pay VAT. Also, the foreign companies can create their branches in Ukraine provided that their business strategy complies with Ukrainian laws.

Established software development companies in Ukraine operate in full compliance with all European IP and information protection regulations and rules. What is more, Intellectual Property Court in Ukraine allows both parties to settle all issues which may arise upon IT software development completion.

Optimal development cost for an outstanding quality

Ukraine is currently ranked 6th in Top Coder Ratingby the number of the most skilled software engineers. It’s software developers are recognized as the best in Security domain and ranked 4th place in Mathematics and Distributed Systems by HackerRank.

Source: HackerRank

Not only Ukraine has excellent and highly-skilled developers, but proposes rather low development cost comparing to European countries and US. Ukrainian programmer has $30 – $50 hourly rate, whereas US developers get $120 – $170 hourly rate.

Also, as was mentioned above, IT specialists have good taxation from government and they pay only 5% tax on their income.

World’s biggest companies choose Ukraine as an outsourcing destination

Ukraine became a home to more than 100 R&D offices of market leading companies from different industries including fintech, telecom, gaming, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce. Global leaders, such as Boeing, Aricent, Huawei, Siemens, Nokia, Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, Ebay, Deutsche Bank, Skype, and IBM have R&D facilities in Ukraine.

US has the largest share of R&D partnerships involving Ukraine. About 45% of companies choose this country to set up their R&D office. The amazing potential and serious skill set of Ukrainian engineers makes the country one of the best IT outsourcing destinations.

Not the least, Ukraine has an easy transportation access to different points in the world. The proximity of the country to Europe takes only few hours time to reach it. Taking to account that time zone in Ukraine is GMT+2, working hours with Europe are almost the same.

Combining those factors with high level of cultural affinity with European mindset and ethics we get better cultural connection and comfortable partnership.

Without a doubt, Ukrainian IT industry has led its world-class higher education system to meet the needs of constantly growing international market. Perhaps, the highest quality, competitive pricing, excellent project management and developing R&D centers can become the main reasons for you to address your next project to Ukraine?